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    Genetically Certified Oocyte® Technology. Only genetically certified ovas.
    Oocyte NGS Screening
    Guaranteed pregnancy from the 1st attempt*
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    Fertility Clinics & Healthcare Providers
    Best Egg Donor solutions for your patients

Find your perfect Egg Donor

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Find your perfect Sperm Donor

Why us

Caucasian, Asian, African

Various donor phenotypes

Anonymous & non
anonymous egg donors

Full donor screening

Genetic, lab and diagnostics tests

Transparent Guarantees

Compensation system

Free online
donor search

Embryology lab support
for partner clinics

Direct delivery

Quality Assurance

Advanced technologies are used during egg quality determination,
such as Morphological quality, Spindle and Genetic verification assessments.

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#Ask The Embryologist
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With Smart Embryology

Simple answers
to difficult questions

You can Build Your Family

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For clinics and healthcare providers

The best egg donor solutions for your patients. We offerdonor matching, screening and direct delivery to your clinic. We have atransparent guarantee system and offer free embryology lab audits.


For individual patients

Choose the most suitable donor from our databaseoff 300+ egg donors. We provide an easy ordering and delivery process, as wellas personal egg donor coordinator assistance. 

How do we screen
our Egg Donors?

All Ovogene Egg Donors are regularly and thoroughly tested,

and screened according to the European Union Tissues and Cells Directive
(Directive 2004/23/EC)

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Egg Donor Plans -
Get acquainted with OVOGENE
egg donor plans.

Batches of 6,8,12 oocytes are offered.
A unique plan for USA patients. We offer NGS screened oocytes with a guarantee programme.

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Tell us
when you’re pregnant

Please share your journey to happy parenthood.

Our team is always thrilled to receive news about your pregnancy.

We are delighted when we get sent photographs of your baby, as it is a true miracle 

when a child is born.

Report your pregnancy
Direct delivery to your clinic
Our couriers will take care of the fastest and safest way to transport your order.
No exposure to x-rays and hand carried delivery.


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to help you!

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