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Ovogene is the first AI donor bank in the world.

We are an international bank of biomaterials: eggs, sperm, and embryos with a fast-growing growing number of global storages.

Our head office is located in Bratislava (Slovakia) and we are willing to serve you also from our facilities in Tbilisi (Georgia), Lviv (Ukraine), Porto (Portugal), Chicago (USA), Tel Aviv (Israel), Tirana (Albania) and Limassol (Cyprus).

Partner clinics, storages, and our professional staff are always ready to provide a range of services individually and of the highest quality.

Patients are always grateful for the individual selection of a donor with artificial intelligence matching and an incredibly high-quality wide selection of instantly available material.

Ovogene - the future of egg banking

  • Values


  • Mission

    We work to provide the highest quality biomaterial using advanced technology and artificial intelligence to people from all over the world who are dreaming of having children.

  • Vision

    We create the largest AI-driven technological bank of biomaterials in the world.

Our advantages

  • We are the first AI-driven bank.
  • We are the first egg bank in the world that uses AI technology in oocyte selection and development.
  • We have been using AI technology for donor matching since 2020.
  • Our oocytes are of the highest quality, which is also achieved through the Genetically Certified Oocyte® technology.
  • Our trained and professional staff, speaking 8 languages, knows the law and prepares all the necessary list of documents for you individually.
  • Please, meet Genie (your personal digital assistant), who will help solve the most difficult issues regarding biological material in your area. Genie is a technological mascot hero in the reproductive world.
  • We provide the most comprehensive program of guarantees and compensation. Thanks to a fully automated and technological process, we are absolutely confident in our biomaterials, which is why we have created a system of guarantees and compensations that, when properly handled (which we can train your specialists), guarantees a positive result in 99.9% of cases.
  • We are proud to declare that our company is fully compliant with European IVF standards as well as with the FDA, Health Canada, HFEA, ANVIZA, ANZICA, and other requirements.

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