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OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank is an international egg donor bank supplying frozen donor eggs to fertility clinics and patients. We prioritise the quality of our donor eggs, as this is a crucial factor influencing the success of every treatment cycle.

Currently, we are the only egg bank in the world offering a unique service known as Genetically Certified Oocyte® technology. Oocyte NGS Screening is performed on donor oocytes, determining aneuploidy of the oocytes via a first polar body biopsy. This technology can increase the probability of becoming pregnant from the first attempt*. OVOGENE Egg Bank only offer euploid oocytes, allowing clients to have certainty about the genetic potential of all the oocytes.

Thinking about the future and the creation of a new life – everything we do is tailored towards individuals fulfilling their desire to become parents.


Our Goal

Establish reliable, transparent and long-term relationships with our clients

Our Mission

To be an excellent quality donor bank, that collaborates with ART specialists from all over the world and creating tailored solutions for all prospective parents.

Our Vision

Supply not only vitrified biomaterial, but high level embryological support, time saving and development options.


Ovogene egg donor bank follows international standards: EU-Tissue Directive 2004/23/CE, 2006/17/EC and 2006/86/EC, HFEA, ANVISA, REDLARA, FDA, who set criteria for quality and safety during the donation, procurement, testing, processing, preservation, storage and distribution, import and export of eggs. Therefore, Ovogene can deliver donor oocytes to all EU countries, as well as export outside of the EU.


Oocyte cryo-banking is the most complex process within an IVF laboratory. There are many different criteria which will dictate the finale success of vitrification and the warming rate. From egg donor preparation, to  oocyte pick up, there are numerous standardisation SOP’s that must be followed. 

OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank uses various advanced technologies within the embryology laboratory, to keep the success rates high.

At OVOGENE we aim for exceptional quality and to ensure good survival, cleavage and blastocyst rates, but most importantly high clinical pregnancy rates. Our senior embryologist has more than 10 years experience in donor cryo-egg banking, and has a strong understanding of clinical guidelines, scientific research and audits. 

We have created novel selection criteria for donor egg vitrification and the banking process. The embryology laboratory at OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank use strict morphological assessment criteria when selecting a donor egg. Our statistics indicate that only 70% of mature donor eggs are viable for the vitrification process and egg banking due to their morphology.

  1. The first step involves a senior embryologist selecting all donor oocytes that align with the strict morphology criteria. 

  2. Secondly, all selected donor oocytes are then accessed via “Spindle View Technology” and we determine the location of the meiotic spindle and its quality. 

  3. The final step, if a client has requested for genetic aneuploidy testing, we use NGS technology to confirm aneuploidy before freezing the oocyte. 

This step by step process allows yourself, and us, to have certainty about the oocytes we present. We are pleased to offer impeccable quality eggs, with a confirmed high-quality morphological and genetic composition. 

We are using the vitrification technique for egg cryopreservation and we designed our own protocol to guarantee the best survival rate after warming. Furthermore, our customers will have a chance to follow their donor eggs development and quality during the vitrification process, with the help of  time lapse recording system. During the preparation and vitrification process, all equipment and disposables are MEA and toxicity tested and FDA US registered.

You get the chance to have genetically certified donor oocytes, through the use of novel technology at OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank. We aim to have total transparency with our customers to establish a strong yet compassionate relationship.




Embryology Laboratory Supervisor

13 years of working experience in embryologyand andrology, work practice in 20 different countries in embryology field. Which has actively working position in: Australia, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Estonia, Georgia, Cyprus, Albania,Ukraine and other.Already 10 IVF center of embryology andrology laboratory design and set up! 10 years experience of donor egg banking and oocyte cryopreservation.



Medical Director at OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank.
Founding member of the Ukrainian Association for medical transportation.
Expert in IVF

Dr Uliana started her professional career as an IVF specialist, coordinating the first international cooperation in Ukraine based on the import of sperm and export of embryos. Her vision of helping patients all over the globe motivated Dr Uliana to establish a process of medical and administrative control of oocyte donation project, which developed into numerous international partnerships and has become recognized worldwide. Dr Uliana studied medicine at Lviv National Medical University and practiced in such countries as Ireland, Israel and Great Britain. She also established the process of oocyte donation in different locations in Asia and Africa. Dr Uliana has over 12 years’ experience in the IVF field, performed over 5000 treatment cycles and treated patients from 36 countries.



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