Oocyte Quality Assurance

How do we determine the quality of the donor egg?

Our team uses highly advanced technologies during egg quality determination and are following a quality assurance programme. We are sharing our protocols with all our partner clinics for donor egg retrieval, cumulus complex denudation, culturing, vitrification, transportation and the warming process.

In accordance with our selection criteria, donor eggs need to pass the morphological quality, Spindle View and genetic verification assessments. Only after successfully passing the quality assessment process, our expert embryology team then decides which donor eggs to vitrify.

We conduct audits with all our partner clinics. We offer clinics the embryology laboratory quality assurance programme and our consultants will support clinics during the whole process.

Quality assurance practice of OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank

For all banking processes and laboratory quality standards, OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank abides by the following ESHRE (European Society Human Reproduction), ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) and CAP (Collage of American Pathologists) guidelines and criteria.

Our experienced egg donation team follow all the stated guidelines from medical processes, transportation and administrative processes under the quality assurance programme for partner clinics and recipients. 

Our assurance program includes four key points, that our clinicians and partner clinics follow for the best success rates.

  • Warming Protocol: The OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank embryology team will set up the warming protocol for partner clinics and will support them with personal training.
  • Conduct IVF AuditOur laboratory team will monitor all aspects of the donation programme and will share the information with partner clinics.
  • Techniques used in Embryo DevelopmentOVOGENE Egg Donor Bank offers high quality blastocyst outcomes and cleavage rates during embryo cultivation. We offer support to our partner clinics with practices and protocols.
  • Genetically Certified OocytesWe use a unique technology that allows us to analyse the genetic integrity of an oocyte. We offer genetically certified euploid oocytes, giving clients certainty about the genetic potential of a donor egg. OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank is proud to be the first in the world to give such an option to our partner clinics and recipients.

How are we grading donor oocyte for egg banking?

Morphological oocyte grading (scoring) is the key factor determining the best survival and blastocyst rates. To ensure the best outcome for donor eggs, a strict morphological criteria for oocyte selection is followed. At OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank, our team has built a stringent grading system which include 3 steps:

  • Step 1: After seeing cumulus complex denudation with the time lapse video recording, we enlarge the oocyte image and determine all necessary morphological specifications.
  • Step 2: We use Spindle View Imaging System to calculate the pervitelline space and cytoplasmic granulation.
  • Step 3: We determine meiotic spindle maturation and location and we are saving time lapse images of the meiotic spindle location.

Which Grade of Oocyte we are freezing for egg banking?

  • Grade 1: No cytoplasmic granulation, small perivitelline space, mature meiotic spindle, exact size of zona pellucida.
  • Grade 2: Presence of cytoplasmic granulation.
  • Grade 3: Presence of cytoplasmic granulation and large perivitelline space.
  • Grade 4: Fragmented oocyte.

At OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank we only freeze oocytes with Grade 1 quality morphology for egg banking! Our goal is to provide high survival rates, high blastocyst rates and a high clinical pregnancy outcome. We offer support during the donation programme to all of our partners, clinics and individual patients. Our strategy is total transparency and traceability in front of our customers.




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