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Our mission is to provide high quality oocytes to families. As a result, our clients get the chance to have a family of their own and get to experience the joys of parenthood. If you have had a successful pregnancy with us, please review the service we have provided. From this data we will strive to improve the care we provide. This allows for the best possible treatment for clients, but also it will enable us to assist other intended parents to fulfil their dreams.

If you are our partner clinic and intended parents received treatment in your clinic using our donor oocytes, please fill out the efficiency report form. By completing this form, you can help us improve the services we offer in the future and consequently increase the amount of successful pregnancies for your patients.

If you are a parent (with the help of OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank), please share your moments of parenthood joy with us and tell us about your pregnancy and baby. We are always delighted when we receive photographs of your new baby and with your consent we can add them to our website to inspire other individuals to continue their journey to happy parenthood. If the treatment cycle did not take place in our partner clinic, please ask your doctor to fill out the efficiency report form. As by doing this you can help us to become better and increase the chance for successful pregnancies for other intended parents.

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