Success rates

Our success rates are based on the average outcomes of different partner clinics. Variation among partner clinics may be seen depending on clinic laboratory management, qualification of laboratory staff, or recipient factors such as gynecological abnormalities or sperm factor.

  • 98% Survival rate
  • 86% Cleavage rate
  • 74% Blastocyst rate
  • 72% Clinical pregnancy rate 
  • 54% Live Birth Rate

We ensure high quality donor material by:

  • The strict donor selection criteria.
  • Attentive and dedicated monitoring of donation outcomes for each donor.
  • State-of-the art equipment.
  • Passionate teams with a vast amount of knowledge in assisted reproductive technology.

We are proud to be continuously improving our outcomes, year by year, as we strive to keep doing better! We also celebrate being able to assist more patients with starting a family and making their dreams a reality.



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