Why us?

Caucasian, Asian, African

Various donor phenotypes.

Anonymous & non
anonymous egg donors

Full donor screening

Genetic, lab, diagnostic tests

Genetically Certified
Oocyte® technology.

Transparent Guarantees

Compensation system

Free online
donor search

Partner clinic embryology
lab support

Direct delivery

To your clinic

At OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank  we are proud to be industry leaders and provide our customers with the best egg donor solutions.

At our bank you will be able to find egg donors of many races and ethnicities, anonymous or open ID egg donors, who are all carefully screened by lab, diagnostic and genetic tests. We comply with EU, USA, Australian and UK assisted reproduction regulations.

  • Large egg donor selection: Caucasian, Asian, African donor phenotypes.
  • Anonymous and non-anonymous egg donors.
  • Full donor screening: genetic, lab, diagnostic tests.
  • Genetically Certified Oocyte® technology with Oocyte NGS Screening - a higher chance of getting pregnant from the 1st attempt*.
  • Transparent guarantees and compensation system.
  • Free online donor search.
  • Easy ordering process.
  • Embryological lab support for partner clinics, with thawing results audit and analysis
  • 24/7 assistance with a personal coordinator.
  • Safe, hand-carried biomaterial transportation.
*Numerous factors can influence pregnancy success rates, therefore we are unable to guarantee a successful pregnancy from the first attempt.



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