• Ovogene at 38th ESHRE Virtual Annual Meeting

    Well, hello everyone, I'm Genie. Haven’t heard of me yet?! Let me tell you a few words about myself. I am a virtual assistant of Ovogene, a digital talisman and consultant, so to say. You and I can see each other on our social media, like when I’ll be presenting the changes on our YouTube channel. I’m also on this website, and you can contact me any time — look for me on every page in the bottom left corner, ready to chat with you!

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  • How to Choose an Egg Donor: 7 Important Factors for Intended Parents

    If you have ever wondered how to choose an egg donor, this article is for you. Specialists from Ovogene provide all details about choosing an egg donor

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  • 10 things couples did not know about using an egg donor

    Using an egg donor is a safe way for females struggling with infertility to get pregnant. Here are 10 things you need to know before starting your IVF journey

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  • Mitochondrial donation: full explanation from our embryologist at Ovogene

    Mitochondrial donation is a helpful, recently found practice to prevent passing mitochondrial diseases from a mother to a child.

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  • Does meiotic spindle affects on the oocyte fertilization quality and embryo development?

    When oocyte develop from diploid precursor that mean oocytes are fertilizable. Every menstrual cycle an oocyte get maturates into ovary which is ready for fertilization. The oocytes eliminate half of the chromosomes into a small cell termed a polar body. Upon fertilization, the egg completes the second meiotic division and then meiotic division of embryo start. This situation makes much more important meiotic spindle for the process.

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