Oocyte aneuploidy testing and NGS screening

Oocyte aneuploidy which is directly affect pregnancy outcome for the egg donation program. According different scientific publication we may see that, 20-30% of donor oocytes already carry up aneuploidy. Mostly IVF Clinics while they are using donor egg program they prefer to do blastocyst trophectoderm NGS testing or embryo transfer without NGS testing. But if final number of blastocysts only 1 or 2 chance of euploid embryo already has risk. In this case many donor program for patients may cancel and end up dramatically.

Also another way to transfer embryos without NGS testing may not give pregnancy or kind of anomaly during pregnancy which we do not suggest for our patients or customers.

Why we are testing donor oocytes for aneuploidy?

Actually on background we have big effort, research and scientific database. Scientific Team of Ovogene analyzed 2000 high quality of donor oocytes by the polar body biopsy aneuploidy testing. Also we create embryos from them already using by normozoospermia and good quality of sperm morphology male factor. We do blastocyst trophectoderm NGS analyze from embryos as well. Finally we find out significant similarity between oocyte aneuploidy and embryo aneuploidy. Which oocyte were euploid after the polar body biopsy testing we got euploid embryos. After this scientific experience we decide to prepare a genetic certified donor oocyte program for patients and clinics.

If we are talking advantage of this program we need to think directly about final clinical pregnancy in first attempt. Finally our aim to supply only number of euploid oocyte for patients and finally they will have very high chance to get high quality of blastocysts and clinical pregnancy as well. This model will be totally advantage for timing and financially.

Does polar body biopsy will effect oocyte quality or survival rate?

Our experience shows polar body biopsy does not effect on survival rate and quality of donor oocyte. Still we are using strict criteria for oocyte selection and finally we build our own protocol for oocyte aneuploidy testing which is first in the egg banking.

We believe that genetic testing is our future and dream of our patients must be real. As Ovogene we get our power from happiness of our patients and customers and this motivate us to effort more.

Sep 02, 2020

Scientific Director

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