Egg donation gives big possibility for thousand of women who couldn’t conceive with their own eggs to get pregnant or to have a baby. Donor eggs may be used for premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve, poor egg quality due woman age.

Also after the multiple IVF cycles genetic potential will decrease on the egg and finally genetic abnormality rate will increase. In this case egg donation program will be very good alternative to getting pregnant and to have a healthy baby.

There are two different egg donation program possible: fresh and frozen donor egg cycle. If recipient decide to get a fresh egg donor than fertility specialist need to synchronize recipient and egg donor with the hormonal medications. If recipient decide to use frozen donor egg there is no need for synchronization and frozen donor egg can be thaw any time and fertilization process may start depends of endometrial stimulation of the recipient.

There are two critical questions we may ask here:

  1. Do we have difference between fresh or frozen donor egg as clinical result of the pregnancy or embryo development?
  2. Why should I use frozen donor eggs?

At the moment oocyte freezing became more popular and safety in many IVF laboratories. Technique of the egg freezing calls “Vitrification” is very safety and fast cooling process without any damage to egg membrane or cytoplasmic activities. According many publication and research we may see obviously there is no clinical difference between frozen and fresh donor eggs for the fertilization, blastocyst and clinical pregnancy outcomes. Even many publications show us frozen oocyte cycles have better outcome.

Another reason why we should use frozen donor egg, it is about endometrial receptivity and synchronization. While recipient decide to use fresh cycle embryos will be ready for the embryo transfer as fresh and recipient endometrium will prepared by the IVF specialist for the embryo transfer but during preparation endometrial receptivity may not have a perfect condition or endometrial growing may not give good potential in this case there is chance to lost the cycle and freeze all embryos. Finally, while recipient has frozen donor egg any time she want they will be ready for thawing and processing for the fertilization and embryo culture. Also, one of the advantages will be the possibility of more embryo producing from the same donor for future by frozen egg donor program. As Ovogene our database already will update for the same donor code and to give possibility to get frozen egg for the same egg donor for future.

There are definitely several advantages of frozen donor eggs. Frozen donor eggs are immediately available and there will not be waiting list as fresh egg donor and recipient will be able to reach quickly the frozen donor egg which they matched. You don’t have to synchronize your cycle with the donor, because the donation has already been done and there are ready frozen donor egg in the bank. Cost per treatment cycle are mostly lower using frozen eggs because many of the costs are shared among several recipient. Eggs already in the bank and risk of donor program cancelled due to poor response or unexpectedly get very few eggs is avoided with frozen donor eggs program.

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