What LGBTQ + Couples Need to Know When Looking for an Egg Donor

Factors to be considered by LGBT couples looking for a donor egg

Choosing an egg donor will have long-lasting effects on the same-sex couple and single gay men who want to establish families since the donor's DNA will be added to the genetic makeup of your future child.

So, what guidelines should gay parents looking for an egg donor follow? You can find answers to these and additional questions on this page!

  1. Choosing an Egg Donor
  2. Medical Screening
  3. Antral Follicle Count (AFC)
  4. How Fast Can I Match with My Egg Donor?
  5. Ovogene supports the LGBTQ+ community!

Find an egg donor

Ovogene wishes to give every intended parent the possibility to start a family. We are unconcerned with your sexual orientation. The most important thing is that you are decent parents.

Thanks to a fully automated and technological egg donation process, we are confident in our biomaterials, which is why we have created a system of guarantees and compensations for couples seeking an egg donor that, when properly handled, guarantees a positive result in 99.9% of cases.

Choosing an Egg Donor

Ovogene has a free online search for donor eggs for intended parents using artificial intelligence-driven technical biomaterials. Gay couples choose donors of various races and ethnicities and even can pick an anonymous egg donor or an open ID, who are all carefully screened by the lab.

Check out our Blog page to learn more about how to choose an egg donor!

Potential egg donors undergo a thorough examination, medical inspection, and even vital social and psychological testing. The interview covers the donor and any of their immediate family member complete medical and psychological histories (questions about alcohol, cigarette, drug use, etc.). A psychiatric evaluation of the donor is conducted to look for any behavioral, emotional, or personality issues that might influence the child.

A fertility specialist then assesses the donor's antral follicle count and renders an appropriate judgment. A stimulation plan is suggested after a physical examination and ultrasound of the pelvic organs to produce high-quality oocytes and guarantee the security of the egg donation procedure.

Additionally, there are several things to take into account for gay couples:

Donor characteristics that are significant to you, such as:

  • Ethnicity
  • Certain likes or dislikes
  • Certain skill sets
  • Level of education

Partner clinics, storages, and our professional staff are always ready to provide a range of egg donation services individually and of the highest quality.

Medical Screening

Ovogene donor egg bank uses artificial intelligence to deliver a variety of high-quality frozen donor eggs, including diagnosis, genetic testing, and ongoing support. Furthermore, we provide Genetically Certified Oocyte® technology for oocyte NGS screening.

What is the goal of this technology?

Reliable oocyte donors and oocyte morphology are fundamental components of effective egg donation programs. Deep neural networks serve to segment photos of donor oocytes, and algorithms obtain information about the morphological features of each oocyte and oocyte donor efficiency from previous cycles.

Senior embryologists select oocytes with specifically good morphological quality, and an active time-delay camera takes live pictures of the oocyte group shortly after.

Following semantic picture identification, the segmentation system is activated, and the morphological calculation on numerous parameters starts. Artificial intelligence-based selection will give security controls for morphological algorithms to stimulate egg production.

Many gay couples pick an option of embryo creation in our laboratory. And after that, origins can easily be transported for further egg retrieval to any clinic worldwide!

Antral Follicle Count (AFC)

Young people between 20 and 28 are preferred to donate eggs. However, not all of them might be appropriate for signing the egg donor contract since we learn a lot once we bring in the initial consultation and find out the number of their antral follicles.

It especially reveals the donor's number of dormant follicles and clearly expresses the possibility of receiving frozen donor eggs.

Some youthful donors do not have a ton of AFC. Therefore, we advise you to look for a person who produces a certain number of donated eggs to increase your chances of getting more viable embryos.

How Fast Can I Match with My Egg Donor?

Since 2020, we have incorporated artificial intelligence into our donor egg-matching process. You may get free access to see all sperm donor profiles by registering! A free online egg donor search at our egg and sperm bank is available immediately.

Furthermore, our in-house professional specialists, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge technology give extensive experience to guarantee to intended parents that your aims and expectations are accomplished.

What are the benefits of Ovogene as an egg donor agency for gay intended parents?

Obtain access to a personal donor profile;

Investigate a donor’s medical history;

View the donor's adult & childhood photos;

Compile a list of preferred donors;

Also, we can provide full documentation support: from understanding the legal issues to assisting with paperwork and arranging for the rapid delivery of oocytes.

Ovogene supports the LGBTQ+ community!

Our goal is to help all intended parents, regardless of relationship status or sexual orientation.

We have outlined the most common challenges for the gay couple looking for an egg donor for an IVF procedure. However, if you are struggling to make a decision, contact our 24/7 support chat to discuss your concerns!

Egg donation is one of the critical aspects of your parenting journey. Finding a solution that satisfies your particular needs and preferences can be easier if you are acquainted with your possibilities and legal issues while selecting an egg donor for a gay couple.

You may make the process of egg donation and fertilization easier by preparing a passage for the choices you and your partner will have to make.

We are here to assist you in finding the best egg donor; so you can start a family. You can always count on Ovogene!

Nov 16, 2022

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