Why my egg donation cycle was not successful? Perspective of the embryologist.

Egg donation mostly promising success to couples who are not able to get pregnancy from their own egg but of course there is no magic in the science and biology. There are many factors which can effect the success rate of the egg donation. We have endometrial and hormonal factors one side and embryo development and genetic factors another side.

There is the main question here: “How I should choose the best egg donor which I can get pregnancy quickly”? Mostly egg donor choosing done by phenotype of the egg donor and of course according infection and genetic tests of the egg donor. But still there are question about number of cycle, previous IVF outcomes and of course number of euploid embryos from the egg donor. Mostly research and publication shows even under 32 yeas old woman have 30-40% of anomaly or aneuploidy rate after the genetic testing which we can consider under non problematic male factor!

Egg donation organizations mostly done through egg bank, agencies or self found egg donors. The best advantage what egg bank can offer the medical guarantee and more information of egg donor for the previous outcomes. As Ovogene we are working under strict statistical criteria for egg donors. Our scientific team controlling blastocyst rate, euploid embryo rate and also clinical pregnancy outcome from the egg donors. After these selections egg donor can be able to join for egg donation program.

Under good endometrial conditions still no pregnancy from egg donation cycle?

Mostly we found this question from couples and as embryologists we have the first thing in our mind, did you test your embryos by PGD or NGS testing? How you choose your egg donor? Do you have any information about your egg donor for the previous attempts? These are the critical questions which directly effect the chance of pregnancy.

As egg bank we may choose the best morphological donor egg and as patients you may choose the best phenotype but still this may not be enough. Ovogene scientific team join to your egg donation journey doesn’t matter where you do your IVF cycle. We follow every step with you, we share our ideas, protocols and experience with your final clinic and we share with you all embryological information about the egg donor under transparency with you.

Ovogene team ready to choose best egg donor with you. Your egg donor will not give you only phenotype and medical safety also we will supply embryological quality and we will increase your pregnancy chance much more.

Sep 02, 2020

Scientific Director

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