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Statistic says that one in six couples in Australia and New Zealand suffer with infertility. According to the latest Australia and New Zealand Assisted Reproduction Database report, funded by the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA), there were 15,613 babies born as a result of IVF in 2017.

The number of IVF treatment cycles rose by 4.3% since 2015, with 81,062 cycles reported across Australian and New Zealand clinics in 2016. The report did not include individuals who travelled overseas for IVF.

OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank already has vitrified donor oocytes that could be immediately sent to Australia. We are eager to cooperate with clinics in Australia and to provide women who are not able to produce eggs with the opportunity to experience pregnancy and to bear a child.

OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank donors comply with Australian state laws and national regulations and go through ANZICA counselling.

Why choose OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank if you are going to have IVF treatment in Australia?

  • No waiting list.
  • High success rate.
  • Mandatory donor counselling by accredited counsellor.
  • Open ID egg donors – release information to offspring at age 18 years.
  • Rigorous donor screening.
  • Multi-ethnic donors.
  • Strict adherence to family limits.
  • Proven fertility of all egg donors.
  • Easy process of reservation and ordering.
  • Extended donor profile and medical history information.
  • Shipping is conducted by experienced couriers, following all the necessary procedures for importing biomaterial to Australia.

How to get access to Egg Donor Catalogue?

OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank has created a custom donor catalogue for Australian based intended parents and fertility clinics. To get access to donor profiles and photos, please contact our coordinator, Yuliya Korniychuk. Get in touch by email:



+44 204 577 0039

+1 202 864 1770



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