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Why us?

Large egg donor selection: Caucasian, Asian, African donor phenotypes.

Partner clinic embryology lab supervision, thawing results audit and analysis

Full donor screening: Genetic, lab and diagnostic tests

Transparent Guarantees and Compensation system

Availability of anonymous and
non-anonymous egg donors

Safe hand-carried biomaterial

OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank is:

A reliable partner

With our partners we establish valued, long-term relationships based on trust and confidence in providing a flawless service.

Become our partner and enjoy the benefits of working with us:

  • Elite quality oocytes.
  • The only egg bank in the world offering the unique service of NGS tested oocytes.

  • Permanent embryological support.
  • Guarantee package.
  • Personal coordinator support.
  • Convenient process of donor selection for IVF doctors and intended parents.
  • Reliable courier services.

Assured quality provider

Every step of the donation process is performed by a team of dedicated professionals, from donor recruitment to egg freezing.

Perfect quality control is assured by one of our leading embryologist Birol Aydin and a team of embryologists, who follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Instructions for the Donation and Embryology departments, therefore adhering to international standards.

Complying to international regulations for egg banks

We understand how important regulations are in every country. We comply with:

  • FDA (USA)
  • ESHRE recommendations
  • Canadian Ministry of Health regulation (Canada)
  • HFEA (UK)
  • Anvisa (Brazil)
  • RED LARA (Latin America)

OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank is the only egg bank in the world offering the unique service of Genetically Certified Oocyte® technology, this includes:

  • Oocyte NGS Screening, which determinates aneuploidy of oocytes by first polar body biopsy.
  • 100% euploid oocytes.
  • Higher blastocyst rates.
  • Avoiding the risk of implantation failure and repeated treatment cycles. Genetic Certified Oocyte® technology offers a higher chance to become pregnant from the 1st attempt*.
  • Genetic laboratory certification.
*Numerous factors can influence pregnancy success rates, therefore we are unable to guarantee a successful pregnancy from the first attempt.

What are Genetically Certified oocytes?

  • They are genetically screened eggs that have been found to have normal chromosomal constitution. This can reassure individuals using donor eggs that the oocytes will be of better quality and therefore have a better chance of a successful pregnancy.

What does the oocyte genetic error mean and how is it detected?

  • Genetic errors in the oocyte occur as a result of meiotic malsegregation during oogenesis. Polar body analysis is an important method in detecting these errors.

  • Female meiotic errors are the main cause of whole chromosomal aneuploidy in human embryos and can significantly contribute to early embryo loss.

Why is it important to genetically screen the oocyte?

  • The genetic integrity of an oocyte directly affects pregnancy success.

  • Aneuploid embryos reduce pregnancy success and lead to births with chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down syndrome.

  • Analysis of the polar body revealed that on average a third of the eggs from young females had genetic errors (Gianaroli et al., 2009).

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