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More than eight million babies have been born through IVF since the world’s first IVF baby in 1978. IVF is one of the most common fertility treatments used in Ireland.

THE World Health Organisation (WHO) has now recognised that infertility is a desease of the reproductive system and acknowledges the devastation and grief it causes. In Ireland, as many as one in four couples struggle to conceive. And for women under 35 years old who are undergoing IVF, there is a 60% chance of becoming pregnant.

Despite that, Ireland and Lithuania remain the only two EU countries not offering state funding for assisted reproduction, even though the World Health Organisation recognises infertility as a medical condition. OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank collaborates with potential partner clinics within Ireland and we offer our services to prospective parents so that we can fight against infertility together. 

We are able to assure our partners a compliant service, in particular: 

  • Valid medical licenses and quality certificates (ISO 9001:2015).
  • Relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Instructions for the Donation and Embryology departments. All are available upon the request of the Importing Tissue Establishment or ESHRE at any time.
  • Strong and trusted partnerships with accredited laboratories that perform donor screening, following all the necessary tests and procedures.

Why choose OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank if you are going to have IVF treatment in Ireland?

  • Large database of donors that fully comply with Irish laws.
  • Donor profiles with personal information and photographs available in the catalogue.
  • Easy process of reservation and ordering. 
  • Consultation with a coordinator who will gladly provide all the necessary information.
  • Shipping is conducted by experienced couriers, following all the necessary procedures for importing biomaterial to the Ireland.



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