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Poland has only recently come into the limelight as a successful yet affordable IVF destination. Poland did not pass its regulations on IVF treatments until 2015, despite the first in vitro fertilisation (IVF) was successfully performed in Poland in 1987. The introduced legislations aimed to standardise the quality of health and medical protocols used throughout the country, to establish a consistent standard of care.

Thanks to the quality standards of assisted reproductive treatments and the affordable cost of IVF, Poland has become one of the most attractive European IVF destinations.

Donor availability remains an issue in Poland. Approximately 14,000 own egg treatments took place in 2014, only 756 egg donation cycles were performed (ESHRE data). The overall national birth rates for IVF with own eggs are 34.6% (for patients under 35 years old), 28.7% (for patients aged 35-39) and 14.2% (for patients over 40). The birth rate for IVF treatment with donor eggs are 46.2% for all age groups.

What about laws?

  • Maximum patient age - no limit.
  • Maximum number of embryos to transfer - no limit.

IVF with donor eggs

  • IVF treatments for lesbian couples - not allowed.
  • IVF treatments for single women - not allowed.
  • Demand on donor eggs - high.

OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank understands the requirements of Polish intended parents and propose visiting our egg donor database, where it is easy to choose a donor.

Why choose a donor from OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank if you are going to have IVF treatment in Poland?

  • Large database of donors that fully comply with Polish laws.
  • Donor profiles with personal information and photographs available in the catalogue.
  • Easy process of reservation and ordering.
  • Consultation with a coordinator, who will gladly provide all the necessary information.
  • Shipping is conducted by experienced couriers, following all the necessary procedures for importing biomaterial to Poland.



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