Should i use fresh or frozen donor eggs?

Egg donation gives big possibility for thousand of women who couldn’t conceive with their own eggs to get pregnant or to have a baby. Donor eggs may be used for premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve, poor egg quality due woman age.

Also after the multiple IVF cycles genetic potential will decrease on the egg and finally genetic abnormality rate will increase. In this case egg donation program will be very good alternative to getting pregnant and to have a healthy baby.

There are two different egg donation program possible: fresh and frozen donor egg cycle. If recipient decide to get a fresh egg donor than fertility specialist need to synchronize recipient and egg donor with the hormonal medications. If recipient decide..

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Does Meiotic spindle affects on the oocyte fertilization quality and embryo development

When oocyte develop from diploid precursor that mean oocytes are fertilizable. Every menstrual cycle an oocyte get maturates into ovary which is ready for fertilization. The oocytes eliminate half of the chromosomes into a small cell termed a polar body. Upon fertilization, the egg completes the second meiotic division and then meiotic division of embryo start. This situation makes much more important meiotic spindle for the process.

Meiotic spindle determination may give us several advantages which will affect directly quality of fertilization and embryo development. Specially for donor egg program as our patients have limited number of donor oocytes each step must be work very carefully by the embryologist. Still 10% of oocytes may have meiotic spindle damage during ICSI (Intrac..

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Oocyte Aneuploidy Testing and NGS Screening

Oocyte aneuploidy which is directly affect pregnancy outcome for the egg donation program. According different scientific publication we may see that, 20-30% of donor oocytes already carry up aneuploidy. Mostly IVF Clinics while they are using donor egg program they prefer to do blastocyst trophectoderm NGS testing or embryo transfer without NGS testing. But if final number of blastocysts only 1 or 2 chance of euploid embryo already has risk. In this case many donor program for patients may cancel and end up dramatically.

Also another way to transfer embryos without NGS testing may not give pregnancy or kind of anomaly during pregnancy which we do not suggest for our patients or customers.

Why we are t..

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Tips for embryologists. How to improve survival rate?

Oocyte vitrification or cryopreservation on of the key point for successful donor egg banking. Already several companies build protocols for vitrification and warming( thawing) of oocyte process. Most of the IVF clinics and egg banks are using strictly these protocols.

But we need to consider that, a good vitrification and warming (thawing) process need also experience and theoretical knowledge of embryologist or laboratory technician. Oocyte is more sensitive than embryos during cryopreservation process. During the equilibration and vitrification of oocytes, timing and amount of media which is doing cell protection for the oocyte. But during warming (thawing) timing and micromanipulation of embryologist much more important for the quality ..

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