Does Meiotic spindle affects on the oocyte fertilization quality and embryo development

When oocyte develop from diploid precursor that mean oocytes are fertilizable. Every menstrual cycle an oocyte get maturates into ovary which is ready for fertilization. The oocytes eliminate half of the chromosomes into a small cell termed a polar body. Upon fertilization, the egg completes the second meiotic division and then meiotic division of embryo start. This situation makes much more important meiotic spindle for the process.

Meiotic spindle determination may give us several advantages which will affect directly quality of fertilization and embryo development. Specially for donor egg program as our patients have limited number of donor oocytes each step must be work very carefully by the embryologist. Still 10% of oocytes may have meiotic spindle damage during ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) by the embryologists. We may not have chance to see under regular invert microscope meiotic spindle during ICSI fertilization process.

Mostly meiotic spindle take place under polar body but still this may be different. Most of the embryologists are using 6 o’clock or 12 o’clock of mechanic position for the oocyte during ICSI and that’s why chance of damage to meiotic spindle is low. Still there are many embryologist who do not believe for the mechanic position of oocyte during ICSI process. But we must consider we have limited number of donor eggs and each damage will be painful.

As Ovogene Egg Bank we prefer to determinate place of meiotic spindle by using special Spindle View Software and we got real time imaging for the embryologists who will make ICSI process. They will be able to know exact place of meiotic spindle during fertilization and we will eliminate chance of damage by this way.

Oocyte spindle morphology also directly affected number of euploid embryos according scientific publications. Oocyte spindle morphology is associated with the resulting embryo’s ploidy. Oocytes with normal spindle morphology are significantly more likely produce euploid embryos compared with oocytes with meiotic spindles that are not visible or low quality.

We know that well as Ovogene Egg Bank technology and experience need to work together during each process of egg banking. We aim to supply all possible technologies and finally best quality of donor eggs and achieve many pregnancies from our patients.