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About us

Ovogene is the first AI-driven egg donor bank in the world.

Partner clinics, storages, and our professional staff are always ready to provide a range of services individually and of the highest quality.

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Why us?

  • We are the first AI-driven bank

  • Various donor phenotypes

  • AI technology in oocyte selection and development

  • Anonymous & non - anonymous egg donors

  • AI technology for the donor matching process since 2020

  • Genetically Certified Oocyte® technology

  • Transparent guarantees

  • Fully compliant with European IVF standards

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Free AI egg donor matching system

Hi, I’m Genie!

Did you know that
1,006 embryos have
already been successfully thawed?


  • HFEA requirements compliance
  • FDA requirements compliance
  • Canadian ART requirements compliance


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