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About us

Ovogene is the first AI-driven egg donor bank in the world.

We work to provide the highest quality biomaterial using advanced technology and artificial intelligence to people from all over the world who are dreaming of having children.

Patients are always grateful for the individual selection of a donor with artificial intelligence matching and an incredibly high-quality wide selection of instantly available material.

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Why us?

  • AI technology for the donor matching process since 2020

  • Assistance with a personal coordinator

  • Free online donor search

  • Easy ordering process

  • Transparent guarantees and compensation system

  • Large selection of phenotypes

  • Competitive pricing policy

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Free AI egg donor matching system

Hi, I’m Genie!

Did you know that
1,006 embryos have
already been successfully thawed?


  • HFEA requirements compliance
  • FDA requirements compliance
  • Canadian ART requirements compliance


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