Genetically Certified Oocyte® technology

At OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank we place importance on oocyte genetic testing and we are the only egg bank in the world offering the unique service of Genetically Certified Oocyte® technology. We perform Oocyte NGS Screening, which determinates aneuploidy of oocytes by first polar body biopsy. This technology increases a patients chances of a successful pregnancy from the 1st attempt*.

Extended genetic Testing

Extended egg donor testing is an extensive analysis with a 274 panel carrier screen identifying specific autosomal recessive and X-linked diseases. This can help inform patients learn about their risk of having a child with specific genetic conditions.


Ovogene works with Ark.Cryo - an international transporting company that specializes in cryoshipping for assisted reproduction. Our couriers will take care of the fastest and safest way to transport your order. ArkCryo hand carry their international deliveries and guarantee there will be
no exposure to X-rays.

LGBTQ+ Families

Egg donation is a key part in third-party reproduction for many LGBTQ+ couples who are looking to start or grow their families. In conjunction with gestational surrogacy, egg donation is frequently used by same-sex male couples or individuals.

IVF audit

OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank offers full support to all partner clinics along every step of the way, from quality management to laboratory standardization and also medical processes. OVOGENE Egg Donor Bank will monitor all processes with collaborating partner clinics throughout the donor programme.



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