LGBTQ+ families

Egg donation is a key part  in third-party reproduction for many LGBTQ+ couples who are looking to start or grow their families. In conjunction with gestational surrogacy, egg donation is frequently used by same-sex male couples or individuals.

LGBTQ+ couples who want to have a baby may need an egg donor and/ or sperm donor and/ or embryos. In such cases, you will need to decide on the following: 

  • Whose eggs will be used?

  • Whose sperm will be used?

  • Would embryo adoption be an option?

Donor Eggs

If you need an egg donor, we can help you find the perfect match. In our donor database you will be able to locate your ideal donor. Our coordinators will gladly help LGBTQ+ couples with this important choice. 

Donor Sperm

We will assist you with sperm donor selection for the type of treatment you require.


We are able to offer LGBTQ+ couples the option of embryo creation in our laboratory. Embryos can easily be transported to your clinic worldwide.



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