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ARKCryo is an international cryoshipping company. We deliver frozen biomaterials for our clients in more than 80 countries, we are experts in transporting frozen eggs (oocytes), sperm and embryos, as well as medical records, documents and all kinds of laboratory specimens. Our couriers personally collect IVF samples from fertility clinics using the latest dry shippers (MVE containers and Taylor Wharton CX 100), which are filled with liquid nitrogen.

Why do we work with ARKCryo?

  • 10 years of international logistics and cryoshipments experience
  • Legal & Customs support
  • Onboard personal supervision of the dewar
  • Full compliance with IATA standards
  • Transported materials are not exposed to X-rays
  • 24/7 support
  • Worldwide cryoshipping. 500 000 flyer miles. Deliveries on 5continents
  • Team of professional IVF couriers and logistics

How does ARKСryo ship?

  • Shipment via land — materials stored in liquid nitrogen for short and medium distances from the starting point.
  • Shipment via air — materials stored in a specialized container- dewar, under the control of a courier.

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