Single European Code (SEC) | OVOGENE Donor Bank

Ovogene complies with the new European legislation on the Single European Code (SEC) for Tissues and Cells.

The SEC consists of a set of documents and an identifier attached to transported cells. The SEC allows tracking the cells as they are transported from the donor to the recipient and provides easy access to information on the biomaterial.

SEC example

ESXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX E0000057 001 00000000

Donation identification sequence:

  • ES - ISO country code
  • XXXXXX - EU Tissue Establishment Code (009741 for OVOGENE)
  • XXXXXXXXXXXXX - Unique donation number (13 digits)

Donation identification sequence:

  • E - Product coding system identifier
  • 0000057 - 7-digit product code (E0000056 for embryos, E0000057 for oocytes and E0000059 for semen)
  • 001 - Sub-lot number (3 digits)
  • 00000000 - Expiration date (8 digits in YYYYMMDD format)

The SEC code allows users to access information on the biomaterials and the associated establishment.

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